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The oblivion

These days ist is virtue, zealously to forget, whatever could be disturbing comfortable wealth of the citizen with his / her efforts on daily bliss, except ther could be a blame on someone else or it would help to feel as a morally superior.

But our powers of recall does last far beyond our lifetime. We empirically can comprehend the times in the whomb and even directly recopgnize and understand the experiences of our parents. This is potencial survival skill and capacibility, to resolve complex problems by its very origins and sources and free ourself from ancient traumas.

Until some couple of years there was spreaded a deep antipathy for warlike actions and deep respect towards war in the European collective conscience, which has been source for solving any conflict in a peaceful way.

This esteem hasn´t developed just from the cold war years between East and West, but mainly out of instinctive experience of violent destruction wars before and according propagandistic and mass mordering technologies. In Germany it even seemed, just out of commenly carrying teh burdon of that crual past there was this social physical effort to develop a strong humanitarian feeling and tendencies to total paece, which even ever had been rare with origianl German mentality, as we have to learn these days again.

Since decades now oblivisan is created by promisses of happiness in now, in consuming, in selfishness, and hate, fear and war reaches us again from rulings that is ignorant to human being itself but run for abundance and total yield.

Don´t let us forget, then we know, also how to ward these strategies and that life is not abundant from money and work for supremacies at all.


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