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KW 19 by Joe

Transresponse - three sentences

The transcendental notion of god impacts a shift of knowledge, conscience and wise social responsibility to one mystified but impossible mental fiction towards a manorial imagination of a maximal being, which paradoxically is meant to explain being originally.

If god is not essential, we are the ultimate spiritual beings, by whom time, space, universe and life has been recognized and whose conscience has grown over mental life and cultural existance.

Because we are also organisms with physical effectivities, liberally we are responsible for the whole control over conservation and development of life itself, whereas the last , because we are part of life development itself, is chaotically playing with us and our spirit its evolutionary game and so far no definition of claims or directions of life cannot evolve out of our conscience, but naturally is corresponding with us - like the carrot hanging on a fixed stick in front of the rabbit´s nose forever layouts his moving motivation and arbitrarily a direction.


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