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Cloudy data

How about a brandnew I-BOX, an allinclusiv virtual eventdevice in an allsourrounding closed head box! Forgotten dreary everyday lifetimes and for surfing the cloud no real life is needed at all, no annoying permanent downview on smartphones, no endurance of critical and uncomprehendingly stares of other people - complete dissolving in the land of worldwide huge Ai-clouds.

Well, there will be more and more motionless bodies standing around, an elegant designed silvery-white box over the head. Nothing is percieved and nothing is recognized anymore by these new kind of consuming users. Once a while the frontcover of the box will open, but if there ain´t any burger or shake an inert pale face again vanishes into the box - of course not stopping to be lost in endless soliloquies in the lonely communication cloud.

More and more often the cover stayes closed completey and from time to time whole groups of Cloudners have to be deportated, if rich towards vacation beaches, where their bodies will be regenerated within happiness conscience centers, or into living boxes in living silos, where food deliverers with cheapest pizzas are waiting already for the bored mouthes.

For us remains some little space for sunshine inbetween all these clouds und the hope, that life will sometime be developping itself in different society shapes, without clouds and free individually administrated databases outside those clouddomains - of course a domainnmae has to be inserted again and datas has to be maintained by ones´ themself, in return one will be spared from security panics and huge unwanted data floods.

Happy Internet, dear programmer folks. Not yet all of the users are dumm...



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